Chris Oyakhilome Reviews

Christ Embassy is an international ministry founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome close to 30 years ago. This anointed man of God is not only a renowned television host and respected teacher of the Word of God, he is the leader of a powerful healing ministry and author of a best-selling Bible-study guide/devotional. He is also behind a host of philanthropic initiatives aimed at uplifting destitute children and empowering young men and women. This multifaceted, ever-expanding ministry began with the Christ Embassy Church in Nigeria. Pastor Chris pioneered the ministry about three decades ago and it was christened Believers’ LoveWorld or BLW. Years later it would grow into a widespread network of churches and campus fellowships that encompass the five continents of the world.

The power of God is manifest in the various congregations of the Christ Embassy church in Nigeria and across the globe every Sunday. On chosen Sundays, usually on a monthly schedule, Pastor Chris, who leads one of the largest congregations in Africa, leads a global communion service. In these services congregations on different continents connect and partake of the Lord’s Table in unison. Brothers and sisters of the BLW fellowship in Myanmar, China and Egypt are able to enjoy the ministration of the Holy Spirit together, the thousands of miles between them notwithstanding. The Christ Embassy ministry also holds massive crusades and conferences in different cities around the world. During these occasions, thousands, and sometimes millions, sit under the teachings of this anointed man of God receiving scriptural revelation and physical healing.

The Healing School of Christ Embassy, another extension of the ministry of Pastor Chris, has witnessed life-changing miracles and numerous testimonies during and after the power-packed services. Many testify of how God healed them of deafness, terminal pain and long-term illness as they waited on Him. To ensure these experiences go beyond the city where the healing sessions might be taking place to more people around the world, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reviews these sessions and makes them available in ‘Atmosphere for Miracles’ and other TV programs which he hosts.

Other facets of the Christ Embassy ministry include the International School of Ministry which empowers other ministers of the Gospel to fulfil their call to ministry and the InnerCity Mission for Children which gives indigent children the gift of free education.